Saizeriya 薩莉亞

2F 37 Emei Street

Saizeriya began as a small Western-style restaurant with 36 seats in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture. The current president of Saria, Yasuhiko Masagaki, worked part-time at the restaurant while attending Tokyo University of Science, and the then manager found him to be a talented person. He inherited the restaurant when Masagaki became a senior staff member.

In 1968, the Japan Saria strain club was established. As Italian cuisine became more popular in Japan, Masagaki switched the restaurant from a Western-style restaurant to specialize in Italian cuisine, but the number of customers decreased. He decided that high prices were the main reason for the drop in customers and lowered the prices to 70% of the original price, resulting in a significant increase in sales and queues of customers.

Masagaki Taihiko, who believed in “selling products at low prices,” continued to operate at low prices, securing Saria’s current market position. After this, the restaurant network expanded rapidly.

As an inexpensive family restaurant, the chain had 1,248 locations by August 2014, including 1,018 in Japan and 230 outside of Japan. Saria’s locations are located in the streets of Japan, such as roadside stores, parking lots, department stores, and tram stops.

If Saizeriya finds a location they want, they will quickly set up a store, especially in the metropolitan area. In addition, because Saizeriya often locates in closed stores of competitors, Saizeriya often uses the signage and other facilities of these closed stores. As a result, Saria’s stores and logos vary from store to store.

On August 24, 2005, the company established Eat Run, a fast food restaurant.) At the end of 2008, there were three stores in Tokyu, Kawaguchi and Aobay.

In October 2006, Saizeriya announced that their net profit was positive for the first time in eight years (due to the large number of branches that dominated the market before). In August of that year, sales increased by 3%, the number of customers increased by 2.1%, and the average customer spending increased by 0.8%. The company is in a financial position to withstand the capital pressure of opening new stores quickly to expand the market, while improving the quality of its meals to attract more customers and increase sales.

Monday-Sunday 11:00am-11:00pm Last Order 10:30pm