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In 1997, Fantasyland Guitar Workshop was established in a small alley on Chaozhou Street of Taipei, Fantasy Music used to be a small shop named Fantasyland Guitar Workshop, which was the pioneer in promoting fingerstyle guitars. To promote this unique style, Fantasyland Guitar Workshop had been inviting fingerstyle artists from all over the world to Taiwan even when the internet was not a part of everyday life. We had successfully attracted a lot of fingerstyle players and music lovers and made a name for ourselves. However, due to the change in business style in the later period, in the sigh of many fans, the Fantasyland temporarily put aside the end and transformed into a teaching studio.

Fantasy Music Flagship Store in Zhongli: till 2007, thanks to the hard work of all guitar lovers and Mr. Larry Chi, Fantasy Music was finally re-established in Zhongli, Taoyuan. Fantasy Music always remembers where we came from, and based on our roots, we will stand out with our creativity. That is why we have been hiring great teachers specialized in both classic and pop music to give lessons. All the efforts paid off in 2016 when we moved into our flagship store of 6,050 square feet from the four-story terraced house with no elevator. Also, we have gone through a complicated process to be registered as a large-scale music school. Now, we are able to provide our students with systematized and quality lessons and a large flagship space for display.

Taipei Ximen Acoustic Guitar Shop: In 2011, as the Zhongli flagship store had been steadily growing over time, we knew it is time for Fantasy Music to have a comeback in Taipei. Fantasy Music Taipei Acoustic Shop was thus established in the Ximending Shopping District, providing the most professional acoustic equipment and guitars of different levels. Meanwhile, we completed our official registration as a music school that offers acoustic guitar lessons. At that time, Fantasy Music Taipei Acoustic Guitar Shop was the first shop decorated in American country style that specialized in acoustic guitars and related equipment. It is also one of a few shops in Taiwan that displayed international-level and high-end acoustic guitars and provided services of premium pickup matching and installment. Regular workshops, gigs and performances will be presented in this shop.

Fantasy Music Instrument Co., LTD: Fantasy Music mainly manages international import and export business, agency negotiations, international customized product tracking, and contacts. At the same time, we also deal with domestic business. Fantasy Music is the international agent of several famous brands, handmade guitars, pickups, amplifiers, accessories, and parts. That is to say, Fantasy Music represents these brands and holds responsibility for their reputation since we also take part in their warranty and operational plans. All the responsibilities and efforts are worthwhile if we could introduce more international brands and quality products to Taiwan for music lovers.

It is our hope to provide our customers with more customized services. Our in-store services include:

  • Professional lessons of classic, pop, and trendy musical instruments.
  • Agency, wholesaling, and retailing of Taiwanese and international musical instruments, professional equipment, amplifiers, and sheet music.
  • Pickup matching and installments for guitars of all levels.
  • Retailing, wholesaling, and group buying of guitars for beginners.
  • Customization of handmade guitars by internationally renowned masters.
  • Organization and execution of professional concerts for Taiwanese and international musicians.

Over the years, Fantasy Music has become an irreplaceable part of the acoustic guitar field with the efforts of our staff and the support from all the musicians and music lovers. We came to realize, while feeling grateful, that we have great responsibilities to take on. That is why we know we can only work harder in the future. Fantasy Music has never been a large, well-capitalized enterprise. We could only be approved by many international prestigious brands of musical instruments and equipment due to the passion and efforts of our staff in promoting music. We are utterly honored and pleased to be the agent in Taiwan. We will always be humble and constantly work with the brands to create a better music environment in Taiwan.

【異想世界吉他坊】:奇想樂器原始成立於1997年,居於台北潮州街小巷內,是間小小的民謠吉他小屋稱作【異想世界】。當時的異想世界,是台灣推廣 Fingerstyle 鋼弦吉他演奏的最先驅。為了推廣這獨特的演奏風格,異想世界在網路還不成熟的時期,就開始邀請國內外 Fingerstyle 大師來台演出,成功吸引一群台灣的Fingerstyle 樂手與愛好者,逐漸打響名聲,但後期因經營型態和理念轉變,在眾多樂迷嘆息聲中,異想世界潮州街小舖暫時劃下句點改以個人教學工作室方式呈現。



【奇想樂器有限公司 Fantasy Music Instrument Co., LTD】:奇想主要負責國際進出口業務,代理洽談,國際客製產品追蹤和溝通管道,同時處理國內業務。身為多項國外知名品牌樂器、手工吉他、拾音器、音箱、零配件的國際代理商,奇想更需對國際原廠負責,保障原廠的商譽聲望,也承擔保固和營運計劃,也希望能讓更多國際品牌及好產品於台灣都能體驗。


  • 各項樂器專業教學 (立案音樂短期補習班)。
  • 國內外進口樂器、專業器材、音箱、導線等專業代理批發及零售。
  • 各種等級吉他拾音系統搭配規劃及安裝。
  • 入門新手吉他零售批發團購。
  • 國際知名製琴師高階手工琴客製化訂做。
  • 國內外樂手專業演奏會統籌執行。


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